Vegan Smoothie Recipe: Viva La Violet

I love smoothies in the morning. I've always been a huge smoothie fan, and generally prefer one in the morning to coffee. A great, thick fruit smoothie is a healthy and delicious way to kick off your morning, and is one of the easier things to veganize, as many smoothies are already vegan.

If I had to guess the number of smoothies that me and my cohort here at NDD have made/consumed, you probably wouldn't believe me. In our smoothie escapades, this smoothie we concocted here at home is by far our favorites. I call it "Viva La Violet". Sean seems to prefer "Purple Drank" or "That Purple Stuff" (in his best Dave Chappelle voice).


Beyond The Food: Vegan-Friendly Shoes

Though we are in the midst of Vegan MoFo, I want to take some time to discuss veganism beyond food. We have the opportunity to make ethical choices with our clothing too, one major area being shoes. Everybody wears 'em and quite often they're made of leather. I have quite the shoe collection from my pre-gan days, and some of them were NOT animal-friendly.
Since my pockets aren't overflowing and I believe in the principle of having less and valuing more, my current life has only necessitated two new pairs of shoes. Below are the ones I've bought, both of which I love (NOTE: I am in no way affiliated with any company below nor am I endorsing any product).


Veganized Recipe: Vegan Banh Mi with Lemongrass Tofu

Moving away from our recent Mexican food kick with vegan nachos and salsa, we're going to tackle one of my absolute favorite pre-vegan meals and...well...VEGANIZE IT! This won't be that hard with this particular sandwich, but the more recipes you encounter, the more you'll realize that it's really not that hard to veganize a lot of dishes!


Classic Vegan Recipes: Easy Vegan Spaghetti

If you've read our recipes before, you know that we love a good veganized Asian or Tex-Mex dish - but that doesn't mean we can't roll some Italian with the best of 'em. Comfort food for me as a kid meant spaghetti, salad and a glass of iced tea - and luckily, it still can today. Here's how to make one of the easier, faster, and tastier dinners of your vegan life.


The Best Damn Vegan Taco Recipe, Period.

If you're a regular NDD reader, you've seen our love for vegan Tex-Mex. We knew we were onto something epic when we made our indomitable vegan nachos - now these super-tasty homemade vegan tacos will leave you begging for another plateful.